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mystery to me


Quote of the day
“If you go down on me, I’ll go down on you.”

The most amazing night of my life, with some exceptions. But it was all good….Who knew Korn wasn’t that bad…Well, I think I just made myself like them. But free alcohol for the whole night. Well, at the beginning, Guy offered to pay but the bartender wasn’t paying attention so we just left with the beers. It was all good…I think someone is going to regret all the shit that they said cause he totally made an ass out of himself…”Wanna make out?” It was pathetic but the boys gave him props because he was being straightforward.

Fuck, I’m so drunk…Guy just kept feeding me drinks, it was fuckin awesome and I didn’t have to pay. What a night…Fuckin’ amazing…I’m sure there’s more to tell but I don’t remember much right now…and I’m damn tired…Fuck, gotta do this again another day…
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