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I’ve certainly had a tiring day…
Well, I set my alarm yesterday for 6:30 am because I had an astronomy lab. Because I was so tired, I failed to notice that it was set for 6:30 pm. And what was stupid was that I woke up at 6:24 and just went back to sleep cause I must as well let the alarm wake me up. But when I woke up again, it was 7:30. And that was the time I was supposed to leave for school. So I got all my shit together and left the house 15 mins later. It turned out that the buses were running late and I was so afraid that I’d be late for my lab. Well, I got to Downsview station around 8:50 so I knew I had plenty of time to get there. I’m reading the autobiography of Ginger Rogers and I got really into it that I didn’t bother to look up and notice that the bus wasn’t going the same route that it usually does. All of a sudden, I hear the bus driver say, “Last stop.” And I notice that the bus stopped on the street instead of turning into the school and dropping us off at York Lanes. And what was worse was that the bus driver didn’t take that route, we let us all off at Finch and Sentinel. And it was such a long walk up to the school. The snow was falling really hard and I thought I was gonna die. I could hardly breathe. I just wanted to fall down and lie there. But I made it home alive. If I had known that there was supposed to be a protest, I don’t think I would’ve went to school at all, especially on a day like today with all that snow…

Well, I eventually made it to my lab with 5 mins to spare. I was expecting to see a full class but there were only 3 other people in there. So I sat down and read my book until 3 mins later, the TA walks in and sees his small class. I can tell that he didn’t want to teach. I don’t blame him, not on a day like today. So he gave us back our lab and gave his sheets for the take home lab and we left.

What pissed me off was knowing that I had to take that long walk back up to the main road to catch a bus because the protesters weren’t letting anybody in. Well, they would but only every five mins. And another thing that pissed me off was that today was the day that I actually planned on going to all my classes! I planned on going to my Lab and then the lecture right after it and then waiting two hours until I had my film arts. My lecture probably wasn’t cancelled but I don’t know about my film arts tutorial. But I guess I’ll be going there next week.

I came home and decided to shovel the snow. Yes I shoveled all that fuckin’ snow. And now I’m dog-tired. But this makes me feel better

stupid bush
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